Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation

One of the key aspects of any surgical rehabilitation program is to get the patient up and moving as soon as possible after the surgery to prevent muscles from atrophying and to rebuild muscle groups affected by the surgical process. RI Rehab offers a wide range of treatments to help clients recover from surgery. Manual Techniques and soft tissue massage therapy are used to improve joint and soft tissue mobility and to manage post-surgical pain and inflammation. Electrical stimulation may be helpful to reduce post-surgical pain and inflammation or to strengthen weakened muscles. Ultrasound may be used to manage pain and spasm of the soft tissues affected from surgery.


Aquatic therapy and Burdenko therapy are important treatment tools for patients recovering from surgery. Once the surgeon clears a patient for full immersion, the warm water helps to relax stiffened muscles and gives a client a non-weight bearing environment for increasing their strength and range of motion. Fluidotherapy which delivers moist heating to injured limbs by using dry granules in a whirlpool-like environment may be useful for post-surgical rehabilitation.


Therapeutic exercise is an important part of the rehabilitation process following orthopedic surgery. Our therapists design individualized exercise programs in physical therapy and occupational therapy for each patient to restore strength, range of motion, proprioception, functional mobility, balance, coordination, fine motor control, and activities of daily living