Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are doctorate level, health care providers who evaluate patients and develop individualized treatment plans to promote healing, recovery, and return to function. Physical therapists work with people of all ages to address and treat their individual ailments from all facets of life. 

Some people attend physical therapy because they are recovering from a surgery.  Others come because they are experiencing pains due to their job or they have had a chronic pain for months or years. People come due to injuries sustained in car accidents or from a fall. Others have chronic illnesses that cause mobility and pain-related symptoms. If you are experiencing any kind of issue with movement or pain physical therapy may be the course of treatment for you. 

What will I do in Physical Therapy

Treatment plans for physical therapy vary greatly depending on diagnosis, age, comorbities, past medical history, and other factors. Your treatment may include different types of exercise, hands on treatment, soft tissue work, education, and a exercise program to continue at home. All these things, combined, will be in place to bring you back to your prior function and reduce or eliminate your pain and help you to achieve your goals. 

Do I need a referral for physical therapy?

Though some insurances require a referral, you do not need one to see a physical therapist. If you have any questions about what is covered by your insurance or if you require a referral please call us at (877) RI-Rehab.